Chest of Hope Tri-Cities demonstrates the power of
an idea and a desire to move that idea into action.

In 2006, Cari Mitchell, our founder, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment including a double bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. Cari had a wonderful support system of family, friends and co-workers who helped in her recuperation by preparing meals for her family, housekeeping and providing transportation and companionship during her cancer treatments. Cari wondered about other women who were experiencing the same challenges, but didn't have the support system she had.

While undergoing treatment, Cari launched Chest of Hope Tri-Cities with the mission of providing support services to women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Chest Of Hope Tri-Cities Volunteers: photo

Cari's story was prominently featured in the Tri-City Herald's "Faces of Cancer" series by reporter, Andy Perdue.

In October of 2013 we partnered with the Tri-Cities Cancer Center in order to reach and assist more women who are battling breast cancer.

Today, Chest of Hope Tri-Cities provides support services to women throughout our area that are referred to us by local surgeons and doctors, the Tri-Cities Cancer Center and our local hospitals.